Q. Can we talk to you directly, right now?

A. Of course, please do. Just ring us on  0113 266 4394


Q. Are we restricted to items in the catalogue only?

A. No! we can source most things. If you see an item you like and its not listed in our catalogue or on our web-site, call us, and we will do our best to find it for you.


Q. How will you personalise my selected products with my logo?

A. You will need to supply us with your artwork. This may be supplied to us by e-mail, or on a disc format as a vector-based image. Using either Freehand, Illustrator or a high resolution PhotoShop file at least 300 dpi and at the required print size or larger.


Q. What is suitable artwork?

A. Suitable artwork is essential in order to supply your selected goods with a neat and clearly defined print. A business card or letterhead is NOT sufficient for final artwork. we can advise on the technical production of artwork or even produce it for you, the cost of which, although kept to a strict minimum, will be passed on accordingly.


Q. How will you match the print colour to my logo colour?

A. You will need to supply us with your colour references. Every colour has a Pantone Matching System (PMS) reference number. This is a system used throughout the industry to ensure any printer can match colours specified by any designer


Q. Where will I find my artwork and PMS references?

A. The designer who originally created your logo or the printers who print your company stationary will probably have the artwork and PMS references.


Q. My logo consists of a halftone, can you print this?

A. It depends on the printing process involved: - it may be that a halftone or hint needs to be printed on a separate solid colour. we would suggest that you let us see a copy of the logo, we will then be able to advise you on the best way to proceed and give a more accurate estimate of the cost.


Q. How can I be sure that my artwork will be printed as I expect it to look and at an appropriate size for the product it is intended for?

A. You will be sent an artwork proof, showing colour separations, however actual colour(s) cannot be shown by this method. This proof will require approval before the products are personalised. Amendments can be made at this point if you are not entirely happy with the artwork


Q. What are origination charges?

A. Origination does not refer to the artwork or the actual printing process. Origination is a general term referring to the make up of the screens , dies, templates or jacquards used in the process of applying personalisation details to a product. Except for jacquard, a separate screen template is required for each colour used and will be charged accordingly. Our estimate will always show these charges, and is a standard process in this industry.


Q. Can we see actual samples of the products before we buy them?

A. Yes you can. However the sample will not be personalised to you, and all samples are chargeable unless returned in good condition within a specified time



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